Night of the Horse Raccoon Jumping

On Saturday April 19th at the 63rd Annual Del Mar National Horse Show in Del Mar, California we were entertained by Raccoon Jumping. Also referred to as “Coon Jumping,” this was done by mules that hunted raccoons mostly in the Midwest. Instead of jumping over brick or rock walls like fox hunting, the mules encountered… Read More »


As a remember from the news bulletins, the rider was discharged from hospital a few days later with soft tissue injuries to his back. The horse was spooked by a camera flash from the crowd. The flash temporarily blinded the horse and it panicked. Horses are flight animals, and will try to run if frightened.… Read More »

Bull vs Horse Fighting

Amazing….They are NOT fighting. They are PLAYING with each other. The bull is not malicious. He is carefull with his horns, when he pushes the horse into its chest and immediately stops his forward movement the moment the horse stumbles and almost falls over. Had he meant to kill the horse, well, there was his… Read More »

Dog vs Horse Race

That poor little pony was doing everything he could to catch up to the horse up ahead, even as the dumb girl riding him was pulling the bit back through his mouth. Incredibly poor riding by both girls. And yes, I’ve ridden horseback for many years and know poor riding when I see it. I… Read More »

Wild Horse Race at CFD

You’re an awesome rider!! I MIGHT have been able to stay on but I’d definitely be hanging off the side, not sitting perfectly like he did a canter transition instead of a bronco-style buck =P Well I love how you are 1 of the HUNDREDS of comments that says she is hurting him/doing something wrong!… Read More »

Dangerous Horse Race

The garda have used horses all over the world for centries and nobody complained the what way they have bein riding its so easy to make tracks if they think its too dangerous for them to be on the roads when people have a passion about horses like them men the horses look well looked… Read More »

Horse Attacks Guy in Retaliation

This is the best video I have ever seen in my life. I love this hero horse, stand up against her abusers, we should have more of these video. Times for all animals standing up against human cruelty. If all animals could stand up and wipeout those cruel monsters abusers from this planet, I would… Read More »

The most impressive equestrian sport

This sport looks awesome. This, and Polo, should really be more popular and mainstream. I would love to go watch this and see a few stands filled with spectators. This would be all fine and dandy if it wouldn’t be like the rest of the major horse sports. Tie downs, big bits and lots of… Read More »

Horse fails compilation

when I was younger I had a dream…a dream to train horses, not with hard cold hands but with gentle hands, I want to race, I don’t want to race to see suffering, I would make a difference…but I’m only young, I will and I mean WILL help when I’m a little smarter, a little… Read More »