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Puppy rescued covered in tar, watch her happy ending!

loading… It’s great that people take the care to save beings of another species, to help them get the life they deserve. Thanks for doing this guys, it makes me so happy that there are people like you on this planet Best idea ive heard yet! ppl don’t like this but how many would put… Read More »

Full brother to our stallion Bliss MF

loading… Wow he’s gorgeous! Such a stunning yearling! Clever too! Expect great things from him! Please keep posting videos on him! Would love to see how he does actually jumping with those legs and that spirit and determination! This horse is going to be too big and warm bloody to be a top eventer… not… Read More »

The best jumping dog you’ll ever find

loading… To jump so high is dangerous for the dogs. The dogs can get problems with their backs and their hips. I know that because my dog is rally good at agility, but I don’t have so high ostacles for my dog! Her dog is really good i also train my dogs to jump my… Read More »

Barry the dog that rides a tricycle

loading… This lovely animal was born a dog, please let him be that, he will be just as happy chasing a ball or a stick, leave the bike riding to your children,would you treat them like a dog? I’m all for teaching animals challenging tasks but this is a bit too far. Whats the point… Read More »

Biggest Dog In The World In 2016!

loading… A Nevada couple is convinced their dog “Rocko” is part horse and that he could be the tallest living dog. Owners say the 160-pound Great Dane thinks he’s a Chihuahua. The family is now trying to get him into the Guinness Book of World Records. I love dogs. They emulate the best in human… Read More »

Cute Dog and Jaguar Are Best Friends

loading… This is so cute! though big cats should be not held in captivity, though I would say there’s an exception, as long as the Lion, tiger e.g are happy and were adopted in at a young age(because of mother rejection e.g), and don’t want to leave, then I say its fine, but that’s my… Read More »

Giant Dog Falls In Love With Tiny Puppy

loading… There’s something really special to the big dog little dog friendship dynamic. My Mastiff mix not too big a fan of most little dogs bit he’s got one dog-friend in the neighborhood who’s a tiny little terrier who’s not fond of most big dogs and whenever they see each other their tails start wagging.… Read More »

FCI Dog dance World Championship 2016

loading… The FCI dog dance world championships 2016 took place in Moscow, Russia from 23 – 26 june 2016. The participants competed in two categories: freestyle and heelwork to music. This routine above was shown in the freestyle final, where only the ten best participants were competing. I love animals you can see in this… Read More »

Dogs You Won’t Believe Actually Exist!

loading… Amazing dogs you won’t believe exist! These awesome and unusual dogs are some of the world’s most unbelievable canines I would tech my dogs to find their way home and know how the town works so when they get lost they know how to find home safely. I think the ugly dog is still… Read More »