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This little orange kitty named Simba loves to ride horses, supervised by and experienced rider of course. Can the internet cat videos get any funnier, maybe, but horse lovers and cute cat loves will sure enjoy a little slice of animal life the equine center in Hanover Virginia. Thanks Jessica McKinney for this great video.… Read More »

Cat wants to catch fish on ice

Sure but there always a risk with such thin ice, and the cat would probably struggle to get up again if i fell in.. it might even get stuck underneath the ice and not be able to ”punch” its way out.. and that wouldn’t be good and you would have to jump in to the… Read More »

A Day at The Cat House on the Kings

1000 cats in kitten season and 100 vol that is staggering, and fixing 40000 cats over the span its been open that is staggering, still there are many pretty cats of all differant distinctions from the looks of it, I bet theres not a rat or bird in sight around there with soo many cats… Read More »

Trying to Save A 3-Day Old Kitten

I know exactly how it feels to lost a kitten. Our kitten “Mucho” died earlier today. He’s 6 day old kitten. He seemed to be fine the entire time but just this morning he started panting and we could hear a weird sound every time he inhales. So we brought him in to a vet… Read More »

Remove cat before flight

The cat might have jumped as it was scared and this video might have turned out a different way! you’ve seen at the end the pilot tried but it just was like nope. and jumped. so yeah. besides, the cat was calm and fine, it would be better to let the cat stay put. it… Read More »

Cats React to GIANT Fish Balloon!

Cole’s tough little panther. He didn’t bring it down but he put up one heck of fight. The deck was stacked against you boy but if it had been a living creature you’d have been munching on flying fish for a week. Marmalade however decided immediately he wasn’t having anything to do with a weird… Read More »

Big Golden Eagle vs BOB CAT

Eagles are so much exaggerated these days by misleading videos like eagle hunting wolves or so. Come on, just use some rationale to think, but not the enthusiasm to be amazed by some myth, how can an eagle apply any lethal attack to an adult wolf, and how can any eagle withstand a bite of… Read More »

Cat serval and caracal are playing at home

I have two snow leopards and I can say that they are the best friends I’ve ever had you can not go by all the things you hear and its going to be something that happens between you and your cat everyone is different. That cat is wild they belong in the wild realese that… Read More »

Why Cats fighting each other!

I’ve heard a cat fight once, it was night time and I was in my bed, I heard them hitting on cars, doors, stuff mixed with their voices. It seemed like 10 people fighting each other. The videographer in the last one tried to stop them with his voice. Laudable, but of no use. If… Read More »