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Haflinger foal kicks dog

Just born foal runs over the grass with his mother and on the end he kicks our dog It’s amazing how foals are born ready to survive, kicking gear included. I always look at mine and marvel how a few hours ago they weren’t even born, and now they are are running around, exploring, puzzling… Read More »

Country Pleasure Driving Class Gone Wrong!

Not one driver had the presence of mind to drop the quick connect, leave the cart in the center and exit the arena with their horse, when this first started. All those coats flapping and towels but no one can figure out how to use a blindfold. The horses still under control could have been… Read More »

Foals playing together

Thank you so much for sharing these great awesome videos!!! I really appreciate all the hard work you folks do!!! I wanted to let you know I watch a show about horses playing with a big balls. It seemed to worked a lot better for the young horses and foals. The one horse was about… Read More »

Angry horse That what that person get!

A horse would never try to get revenge of a rider or person. Maybe if the human was acting cruel to the horse then the horse would act up out of pure fee of what is going to come. Also the reason why the horse refuses the keyhole is because they are very tricky jumps… Read More »

Horses Attack Mike Hughe Part 1

Having been through therapy, yes that’s what they do. The difference is a therapist can talk a human through it, teach them coping and breathing methods and let them know that they can get over it. Horses don’t speak human, so the only way we can help them through their fear is to take it… Read More »

adorable pony jump

That is so cool! That little horse has that blonde trained pretty well. He only had to jump that log 3 times to show her how it’s done before she had to courage to try it herself and he still jumped with her to to keep up her confidence, He is so patient! Does anyone… Read More »

Falling off a horse slow motion

I’ve never taken lessons but I know enough of horses (from experience with my own, not the internet) to recognize what is going on here. You people posting negative things are retarded! The horse needed to be pushed and the rider is obviously young enough that she is just learning. Accidents happen! The horse is… Read More »