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Waterbike Hydrofoil Bicycle

Good work out not from riding, rather towing back to dock once a stall occurs. there is no recovery when your bounce gets out of sync. I would be interested to see if you put some floaty things up top so it won’t tip when underwater, see if you can get up on that from… Read More »


This is why I love this channel above any other. and I’m probably subscribed to about 100 others. also I’ve only been subscribed to this one for about 2 months… anyway, this channel has the best individual characters and none of them seem try hard (even big boy) it seems like they are just having… Read More »

Meet the World’s Longest Bicycle

Well, believe it or not, people do these things just for the fun of it! Why are you being such a killjoy? And, yes, I think its a perfectly decent way to exercise the mind. You may not realize this, but many great ideas, inventions and learnings happen away from actual “productive” work. These accidental… Read More »

Barry the dog that rides a tricycle

This lovely animal was born a dog, please let him be that, he will be just as happy chasing a ball or a stick, leave the bike riding to your children,would you treat them like a dog? I’m all for teaching animals challenging tasks but this is a bit too far. Whats the point in… Read More »

Bicycle World Record 207 mph 333 km/h

I pondered a bit myself why they would match the bicycle to the Ferrari, as Ferraris have never been a drag racer’s first choice (GMC Syclone). The answers three, slowly came to me. 1.) Even the worst Ferrari grabs attention, despite the fact that most people know little about them (ooooh shiny, loud and red).… Read More »

How to choose the best bike for you

Choosing the right bike is important to make to most of the time spent in the saddle. Our guide will help you to choose the bike that fits your riding style. I would get a road bike or a mountain bike simply because they are the best at what they do. I will never get… Read More »

Best Moments from the UCI MTB

The mountain bike season concludes with the UCI Mountain Bike & Trials World Championships, held in Vallnord-La Massana, Andorra, high among the Pyrenees mountains between Spain and France. Athletes will compete in the disciplines of cross-country Olympic, Eliminator, team relay, downhill and trials for the right to wear the rainbow stripes all through the next… Read More »

UCI Cycle Ball World Cup Final 2106

It’s so weird when you never heard of something for which theres already high trained professionals I mean look at how they can shoot the ball using the wheel. This is amazing. But i think this sport needs some more refining to be perfect. Even with these cycles you should be able to go faster… Read More »

Mountain Biking and BMX Highlights

Awesome Video! I’m trying really hard to become a pro DH racer when I grow up. It is basically my life, there’s literally nothing I’d rather be doing than being behind bars. That was one of the greatest biking complications I have ever seen. Hope I could be apart of it one day. I wish… Read More »

Creating the Ultimate Cycling Experience

Every Giant bike is the result of superior engineering, design and manufacturing capabilities that no other brand in the world can match. From raw carbon threads to a finished machine, delivered by the experts at your local Giant retailer, each one is created to give you the ultimate cycling experience. Check out this video for… Read More »