Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo Horse Injured

By | December 20, 2016

The horse not only didn’t see that fence, but if you noticed, he had no where to turn he was surrounded, horses on both sides and a horse behind had that poor horse trapped. he was ran/corralled right into that dam fence!´╗┐
Even though I do believe that what they are doing is wrong at the rodeos I do think that this situation here was an accordant that the horse unfortunately made. On the other hand the horse shouldn’t of needed to be in that position in the first place´╗┐.
That horse was in sheer panic to tackle that jump. apart from the obvious flank strap, he was left to bolt around with two dangerously long straps hanging off him which is terrible horsemanship at the best. I hope he has only given himself landing on that hip, but I know there will be no treatment if any damage has been done to hip/pelvis. the way his neck is twisted back on itself when he landed makes me feel sick.

Source: King Tube