Lisen Fredricson falling off at London Olympics!

By | January 10, 2017

Most horses as well as any domestic animal training is easily motivated by food. This isn’t necessarily a good thing. On the contrary. I have seen many performances where treats are not used, but through a bond and trust, a horse will respond to commands. Sure, this horse is smart, (as are all given the chance) but he does tricks for food. I’ve seen better without ‘treats’! No disrespect meant.
Just my opinion but i don’t agree with this sort of training, Horses shouldn’t be trained to know that if they do something good they gets treats {food treats} I think that when i train a horse should get rewarded properly By a pat or extra grooming session or something , because horses need your trust and bond not to know all they get is treats but thats just my opinion! But i still love this video and lukas is an amazing horses , not hate i think your a excellent trainer and i can see beautiful trust and bond between you.

Source: Don’t be afraid to live your dream.♥