Falling off a horse slow motion

I’ve never taken lessons but I know enough of horses (from experience with my own, not the internet) to recognize what is going on here. You people posting negative things are retarded! The horse needed to be pushed and the rider is obviously young enough that she is just learning. Accidents happen! The horse is… Read More »

FOUR PAWS team treated injured horse

For the third time our team was in Letea to continue the successful birth control program which controls the high population of wild horses there. While our team was looking for new horses to treat, they noticed three mares all wearing tight chains or ropes around their necks. They had probably escaped from a farm… Read More »

Spooked horse slow motion

I know this is an old video, but I think it’s absolutely awesome how the instructor made a big deal of the kid keeping her seat. She’s obviously a beginner, and it can be terrifying for a horse to take off at that age. I remember it happening to me when I was small; luckily,… Read More »

Black horse galloping

For the third year in a row, the Reno Rodeo has been caught shocking horses, in spite of repeated promises that this obvious abuse will not happen. Over and over the Reno Rodeo Association claims that those responsible will not be allowed back. “Those responsible” are from the Flying U Rodeo Company, although the rodeo… Read More »

Horse Racing Exposed and Rescue

When I was a little girl, I wanted to train horses…not with drugs or abuse, but with a caring hand and determination to help them win with their own strength and showing people how amazing they can be, not for entertainment, but with their own true strength..I wanted to train them to be the best… Read More »

Horses Peacefully Farting and Snoring

Wow how amazing, I have been brought up with horses for 20+ years and I have never seen such content and happy horses, have never seen horses be so close laying down like that before without it ending in a punch up, I think modern society horses are raised to the extent that they forget… Read More »

Man thrown from horse

That was not a man thrown violently from a horse… That was a horse getting tired of a beginner bouncing on his back and pulling on his mouth while the “trainer” was forcing him to keep trotting. It takes a special horse to teach beginners how to post, preferably one with a smoother trot. The… Read More »

Barrel Racing

Don’t blame the horse for your inability to ride, you need structure for yourself number 1, and number two you’re the one creating his bad habits. Do what you want but if i were you I would start from basics, don’t let him touch the pattern for a while, just do drills. teach him to… Read More »