Guide Dogs Are Truly Amazing – Secret Life of Dogs

loading… Wow, that makes me realize that there’s probably a lot more complex thought going on in animal’s heads than we realize. It’ll be cool once science gets to that point of unlocking those mysteries. The future is awesome! I don’t think they’re treated harshly – they want a healthy, trained guide dog, not a… Read More »

Mini Dachshund Puppy Vs Mirror

loading… They don’t. There are only very few animals who actually understand when they see themselves and when not. Most notably all great apes, Dolphins, Orcas, Elephants and one birdspecies. All other animals that were tested did not understand it or did oly understand it a little bit that they saw themselves in the mirror.… Read More »

Giant Robot Spider Scares Dogs

loading… People in the street need to pay more attention to the horses especially the fools working behing the truck !!! Source: Reality Pranks (132)