The Most Dangerous Wild Horses

By | January 11, 2017

These horses aren’t attacking, as a barrel racer i have plenty of experience with horses, i have been riding for 7 years. not once have i been kicked or bitten and here’s why, horses are prey animals. meaning that they have a flight or fight instinct. being closed in a pasture they can’t flee so what will they do? fight. i’m just going to address a few of these, the small boy should definitely not have been standing behind a horse, presumably one he didn’t know it is common knowledge only stand behind trusted horses and always keep your hand on their rear at all times. the small boy being held should have come towards the horse at the front. because of their eye position, he was reaching straight towards the horses eye, and even though horses are large, it can still be intimidating having someone wave their hands in your face., also he was being held making him look larger than he is as for the man with the whip, i am praying that isn’t your horse, don’t use whips to insue fear.